Mike Dirks
Friday, October 18, 2019
Best wishes to every member of FHS’69 for a great reunion.  Your senior year was my first year of teaching and it was an amazing experience.  I was only at FHS for four years but I continued to teach until 2015 so I guess you guys didn’t scare me off. 
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  Chester (Chet) McVay
Monday, September 9, 2019
I look forward to seeing my classmates from the Class of 69! Go Quakers!

Chet McVay
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  Ann (McDonald) Koopman
Friday, August 30, 2019
I was so excited to receive your post card inviting me to the reunion! It was great fun seeing so many old friends at the party celebrating our 40th; thank you for putting this together and for keeping me on the list.
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  Nada (Clasen) Dyson
Wednesday, August 28, 2019
I doubt I will recall many people but I'm going anyways.  Faces of Long Ago Inspire me to go and Re-Connect.  By this age, it's Nice to Say "I Remember When"... 50 Years is a Dang Long Time !  I will be bringing Long Time Friend Hazel Harwood of whom I just thru Total Accident found Today :-) and I haven't seen her since 1985 being our last visual of each other, she the bus driver, I the passenger.  I will be bringing my New Tolo, which is a whole nother story. :-/  so we can look up what we looked like SOOO Many Years Before. HOPEFULLY, I CAN GET SOME SIGNATURES in this one. 
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  Barbara Spino DeCaro
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Looking forward to an amazing evening .... rewind 
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  Lynda Rodriguez Traxler
Friday, July 26, 2019
 Can’t wait to see all the wounderful friends
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  Sandra Hart
Friday, July 26, 2019
Hello Everyone ! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on October 26th for this very special event! Can’t believe it’s been 50 years!! 
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  Toni Price
Monday, July 15, 2019
 I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion in October!! It's going to be a great event.
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  Joanne Kinnard Wayne
Friday, May 10, 2019
See you all in October  for the best reunion ever!
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  Armenious Patterson, Jr
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
See all f you at Fabulous 50 celebration!
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  Cynthia Akrish Lee
Friday, March 15, 2019
Lets party likes it’s 1969...
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